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Chill out: 6 ways to stay cool with Wintergreen essential oil

Sweating in the summer? Try Wintergreen. Your feet need a break after the back-to-school hustle? Use Wintergreen. Needing a winter-will-never-end pick-me-up? Say Hello to the awesome Wintergreen!

Don’t be misled by the name of this oil—Wintergreen essential oil has year-round benefits. And just like those super cool peeps you want to “hang around” with, Wintergreen, with its brisk, cooling sensation, is the chilliest essential oil on the block.

Serious strength

Wintergreen essential oil may smell sweet, but it packs a powerful punch—that’s why it features a safety cap. The main constituent, methyl salicylate, gives Wintergreen its crisp aroma and the chilly sensation you get when you apply it to your skin. You know the drill: Follow the label instructions and the benefits of Wintergreen will make this potent oil a go-to in your wellness toolbox!

Relief so you can relax

When you use this potent oil topically, make sure to dilute 1 drop of Wintergreen with at least 4 drops of a carrier oil. (I love Fractionated Coconut oil). Wintergreen is a hot oil, which means that you should always dilute when using it. After you’ve got the right ratio of Wintergreen to carrier oil, you will fall in love for this essential oil’s cool factor. Massage it into your shoulders, joints, and hard-worked muscles for a tingle that tells you it’s time to chill out.

TOP tip: Harness this oil’s potential with Wintergreen-infused products: Ortho Ease®Ortho Sport®PanAway®Deep Relief™, and Cool Azul®.

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A brisk, bracing chill

Breath of fresh air in a bottle? Yes, please! More than anything else, Wintergreen is known for a punchy aroma that’s like breathing in snowy mountain air while heading down the ski slopes. That makes it ideal when you need a refresher: Combine a “spurt” of coconut oil, 1 drop Wintergreen, and 2 drops Eucalyptus Radiata and rub onto your chest.

Fresh flexibility

Working up a sweat on your yoga mat can be good for your mind, body, and soul, and it’s even better when your mat is clean and fresh. Focus on sun salutations, not sweaty smells, with this spray: Combine 1 cup water, ¼ cup witch hazel, 10 drops Wintergreen, and 10 drops Tea Tree in a spray bottle. Spray your mat, wipe it down, and your only worry will be mastering the downward dog!

Soothe and smooth

Like many of Young Living essential oil favourites, Wintergreen-infused Maximum Strength Acne Treatment is a top performer in the skin care game. Because of its naturally derived maximum strength salicylic acid, you won’t need large amounts of this product to see awesome  results. In fact, just a dab or two of Maximum Strength Acne Treatment will have you obsessed with taking selfies.

TOP tip: Use other skin care superstars like Tea Tree and Manuka, also featured in the Maximum Strength Acne Treatment, for even more noticeable results!


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Take care of tired toes

You know what never gets a break? Your feet! Whether you’re traipsing around a town, putting in miles to train for a half marathon, or taking advantage of your standing desk, your fatigued feet could use some TLC. Add a drop or two of Wintergreen essential oil to your preferred foot cream and give those “stressed” out tootsies a soothing rub.

Inhale and invigorate

Now that your skin, muscles, and feet are on Wintergreen’s cool side, share the love with everyone else! Diffuse soft Lavender, herbaceous Rosemary, and sharp, sweet Wintergreen for an aroma that’s as appealing as walking a rocky beach coast at daybreak.