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About Me

Thank you so much for visiting Wellbeing Living. I know you will find inspiration here to start or continue your own wellbeing journey.

My own wellbeing journey began many years ago.

I just didn’t recognise some of the decisions I was making at the time were leading me towards wellbeing. I was tired and lethargic, blaming circumstances and others for my lack of energy.

Working long hours to “over achieve” but feeling guilty as a working Mother not being a home with my children. The doubts about the career choices started creeping in and made me feel I wasn’t worthy of the two beautiful children I had created. Added to this was the pressure of juggling a successful business with the demands of home and family life.

I had spent over 25 years in the highly-pressurised executive search and recruitment sector – including 15 years running my own business. By the time I reached 50, I realised I had forfeited much of my own wellbeing to achieve my career aspirations.

The associated stress began to take it’s toll and manifest itself in a number of health issues

Regular back pain, lack of concentration, symptoms of menopause (these were horrendous – thought I was seriously losing the plot!) Lack of self confidence, low morale, weight gain, lethargic! Put simply, I could no longer ignore the impact on my mental and physical wellbeing.

It became apparent I needed to change some aspects of my life and so began my quest to invest in creating and nurturing a more holistic lifestyle for myself and my family.

Over the last 5 years, I have looked at and experimented with so many holistic remedies. Reflexology, homeopathy, osteopathy, hypnotherapy, Reiki, acupuncture, crystal healing, kinesiology, iridology, shiatsu and finally, yoga. Some were amazing, but the effects didn’t last. Some were way too “out there” for the rest of the family to try. Some just didn’t “feel” right. Some therapies I was talked in to trying and some were just awesome!

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And then there were those which I have found bring the greatest benefits and joy to me and my family.

This has led me to understand that my personal wellbeing and the family’s wellness is my top priority, and that living a toxin free life is our everyday challenge.

As a family, we have embraced the concept of zero waste and we are working towards waste prevention, where all products are reused. No landfills, no incineration and to prevent any waste entering our precious oceans. So we are learning about “going green”, creating a plastic free environment and our family goal is a sustainable life. We all love challenges!

Having embraced changes in my own and my family’s lives, this is now my passion and I am fortunate enough to call this my new “career”.

So, my life is about education – as a wellness advocate, I have a clear sense of purpose – wellbeing is for everyone – teaching, supporting and helping others achieve greater balance in their own lives by introducing and using natural products and holistic therapies.

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My daily mantra is like, love, learn and share – naturally of course.

– Kate Bunney

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