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Floral Favourites

Spring has spring and Summer is definitely here!

What better way to celebrate summertime than to discuss our floral favourites!

So here are 30 ways to use floral essential oils – what are you waiting for?


So many florals, so little time! When it comes to floral essential oils, there are more options than petals on a rose. With a garden—or cupboard—full of blooms, how do you know which floral oils to try?

To make the task a tad easier, I’ve pruned the list of the Young Living floral favourites. I’ve also included a few fun facts and different ways to use each floral scent to round out this botanical blog post. Bring on the bouquet!

Blue Tansy essential oil

Found in: Valor®Peace & Calming®

Fun fact: Blue Tansy is often used in high-end, luxury beauty products.

What sets it apart: Though the flower is bright yellow, Blue Tansy oil is an exquisitely rich shade of sapphire. Keep this in mind when using this floral essential oil—its colour may stain surfaces, fabric, and skin. Unless you want the colour to blossom on your bed linens, always dilute Blue Tansy when using it topically.

How to use Blue Tansy essential oil:

  • Battle those blemishes.Add a drop of this floral essential oil to your face wash.
  • Transport yourself.Diffuse a blend of Blue Tansy, Orange, and Patchouli and imagine you’re walking through an orchard in bloom.
  • Tend to tired muscles.Combine a few drops with Cool Azul® Pain Relief Cream for a relaxing massage.

Geranium essential oil

Found in: Boswellia Wrinkle CreamClarity™Animal Scents® Ointment

Fun fact: The Egyptians used Geranium essential oil for more radiant-looking skin.

What sets it apart: Oily, dry, and combination skin all love Geranium oil. This native South African bloom boasts flowerful cleansing and moisturizing properties.  

How to use Geranium essential oil:

  • Brighten a dreary day.Surround yourself with Geranium’s uplifting aroma. Add a little Bergamot essential oil for extra zest!
  • Channel your inner mermaid.Combine Geranium with your favorite moisturizing hair mask for truly lustrous locks.
  • Give fine lines a final notice.Add a drop or two of Geranium to your go-to moisturizer morning and night or try an oil cleanse for timeless-looking skin.

Helichrysum essential oil

Found in: Brain Power™ClaraDerm™ SprayAwaken™

Fun fact: Helichrysum flowers are often called immortelle—the everlasting flower. Maybe that’s why this floral essential oil is our pick when it comes to youthful, glowing complexion goals!

What sets it apart: Helichrysum is produced from distilling Helichrysum flowers, but this essential oil has an earthy aroma unique among the sweet blooms on this list.

How to use Helichrysum essential oil:

  • Reveal fresh, dewy skin.Mix 3 drops Helichrysum with 1-2 tablespoons honey and gently rub all over your face. Let sit for 5 minutes. Rinse.
  • Get out of a midday slump.Place a drop directly on the crown of your head and feel invigorated by its earthy, floral scent.
  • Boost family bonding.Diffuse Helichrysum during game night and surround your family with its comforting aroma.

Jasmine essential oil

Found in: Evening Peace™ Bath & Shower GelART® Renewal Serum

Fun fact: It takes 10 pounds of flowers to make one 5 ml bottle of Jasmine oil!

What sets it apart: Jasmine has a rich, sultry aroma—but that’s not the reason for its mystique and allure. To maximize Jasmine’s scent, the flowers must be picked at night before sunrise!

How to use Jasmine essential oil:

  • Travel to a tropical island.Diffuse Jasmine with Lime essential oil  and pretend you’re sipping a cold beverage on a white-sand beach.
  • Spritz for standout skin.Make a DIY facial spray with 3 ounces water and up to 5 drops Jasmine oil.
  • Sport some self-confidence.Add a couple drops to your favourite unscented lotion to wear the empowering aroma all day long.

Joy essential oil blend

Found in: Everyday Oils Collection

Fun fact: This unique feminine fragrance is a blend of many florals on this list plus LemonBergamotCorianderTangerine, and Palmarosa.

What sets it apart: Joy™ was specifically created to inspire togetherness.

How to use Joy essential oil blend:

  • Brighten up bedding.Make a linen spray with 3 ounces water and 8-10 drops of Joy. Spray bedsheets, blankets, carpets, comforters, and towels.
  • Give dry skin the brush—or rub—off.Create a DIY scrub with ¼ cup olive or sweet almond oil, ¼ cup salt, and 5 drops Joy essential oil blend. Rub on dry places and rinse to exfoliate and moisturize.
  • Find joy in the journey.Put a few drops of Joy in your Car Vent Diffuser to turn your commute or carpool from madhouse to manageable.

Lavender essential oil

Found in: Tranquil™ Roll-OnSeedlings® Baby WipesRelaxation™ Massage Oil

Fun fact: Lavandula—the plant genus Lavender comes from—is part of the mint family, which is why Lavender’s floral scent is so complex and unique.

What sets it apart: Lavender essential oil is a wonderful blend of fresh, floral, clean, and calm and has a bazillion different uses. No wonder it’s our top-selling oil!

How to use Lavender essential oil:

  • Soothe sun-kissed skin.Use Lavender-infused LavaDerm™ After-Sun Spray to refresh and recover from a day of outdoor play.
  • Drift off to dreamland.Diffuse Lavender at bedtime and let this aromatic lullaby help you settle down for the night.
  • Relish in the royal treatment.Pamper yourself during bathtime thanks to a bottle of luxurious DIY bath salts.

Roman Chamomile essential oil

Found in: Awaken™Forgiveness™

Fun fact: Chamomile has been used since ancient times. The word chamomile is derived from the Greek words khamai (“on the ground”) and melon (“apple”).

What sets it apart: Roman Chamomile essential oil has a sweet, fruity aroma with a hint of apple. Its crisp, bright scent is a favourite for creating a cheerful space in children’s play areas.

How to use Roman Chamomile essential oil:

  • Refresh your skin care ritual.Make a DIY toner with 3 ounces witch hazel and 10-15 drops Roman Chamomile. For the ultimate skin-smoothing trifecta, combine 5 drops each Roman Chamomile, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood™, and Frankincense.
  • Give wee ones a warm welcome.Diffuse this floral oil in kids’ rooms or playrooms. Sweeten things up with a touch of Grapefruit.
  • Kick up your feet.Apply to the bottoms of feet and pair with a soothing foot rub before bedtime.

Rose essential oil

Found in: Rose Ointment™, White Angelica™

Fun fact: One 5 ml bottle of oil requires 22 pounds of rose petals.

What sets it apart: Rose essential oil is one of the most sought-after oils because of its intoxicating aroma and skin-loving benefits.

How to use Rose essential oil:

  • Set the stage.Diffuse with Sage and Cedarwood for a romantic, earthy blend that turns takeout and a movie into an extra-special evening.
  • Go with the glow.Put 1 drop Rose in 4 drops jojoba oil and apply to face with a cotton ball for hydrated skin.
  • Power through your projects.Add a few drops to your DIY perfume and let its sweet, rich scent help you tackle your to-do list.

Sensation essential oil blend

Found in: Sensation™ Massage OilSensation™ Hand & Body Lotion

Fun fact: This blend combines both warm and floral with its blend of Coriander, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, and Geranium.

What sets it apart: Sensation essential oil blend inspires love and affection and should be your go-to for romance.

How to use Sensation essential oil blend:

  • Amp up the allure.Put a drop on wrists and neck and wear as a personal fragrance.
  • Set the table for two.Diffuse Sensation anywhere you want to create a romantic atmosphere.
  • Spoil yourself with a spa night.Add 5-10 drops to a warm bath and sink into its sumptuous scent.

Ylang Ylang essential oil

Found in: Highest Potential™Sacred MountainAustralian Blue

Fun fact: The Finca Botanica Farm and Distillery in Ecuador is bountiful with Ylang Ylang blossoms.

What sets it apart: Ylang Ylang floral oil is an aromatherapy rockstar because it combines a calming and comforting scent with masterful moisturizing superpowers.

How to use Ylang Ylang essential oil:

  • Transform your room into a retreat.Diffuse this sweet, floral scent in your bedroom and enjoy a much-needed timeout.
  • Elevate your evening skin care.Add a drop of Ylang Ylang to your night cream for more supple skin while you sleep.
  • Turn heads with shinier tresses.Combine 3-5 drops with 1-2 tablespoons coconut oil and apply as a hair mask. Let sit for 10 minutes and rinse. Wash and dry hair as normal.

Which floral is your favourite???? Do let me know.