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Take a Moment to Renew and Refresh this Easter


Easter is historically a time for renewal and rebirth; for many it brings a fresh perspective to life and is the perfect opportunity to pause and take stock. With the Easter story symbolising a ‘fresh start’ and the promise of better things to come, people often take to activities such as Spring cleaning; this often occurs because people have more energy and motivation to organise and declutter their homes. Equally, you can use this time of year as the chance to re-evaluate any bad habits that may have been picked up over the long, dark winter, in order to make way for a new you, and a renewed perspective on life. 

Much like the joyful blossoms that transform the outdoors in spring, you too can use this time for a personal regrowth.

By incorporating a few simple ideas and visualisations into your daily routine, it is easy to gain a fresh outlook on life, using the energy found through nature to bring forth a new you…


Try taking a Savasana practice outside. The warmer weather brings the perfect opportunity to take your yoga mat into the garden to be physically present with the fertile earth. Laying out on your back, close your eyes and try to actively hear nature’s sounds; whether that is the birds tweeting, the leaves rustling, or the bees buzzing, there are so many ‘background’ sounds that we fail to engage with on a day-to-day basis. But by mindfully tuning into them, you accept the inherently positive energy of nature into yourself. 

Why not take this a step further, by incorporating Peppermint Essential Oil into this practice? Applying it on the chest, the fresh, invigorating scent helps you to refocus your senses and attune to the energy of nature. 


Eating the right foods can help you to feel renewed and revitalised. Take advantage of the fresh produce that becomes so readily available in spring; these nutritious ingredients can deliver a new sense of self from within. By consuming positive energy, this is naturally radiated out of the self. Likewise, understanding how best to adapt to your body’s needs puts you in a better position to embrace the surrounding world, and approach opportunities as the best version of yourself. 

Wearing a Magnetic Bracelet can assist in blood flow around the body, encouraging the nutrients you consume to re-energise the whole self. 


Moving your body is one of the best ways to create room for change. In yoga practice, twisting movements can be hugely beneficial in releasing compressed muscles, whilst encouraging enhanced blood circulation. Laying flat on your back, hold your left knee to your chest with your right hand, and cross it over your right leg. At the same time, extend your left arm (this adds to the twisting motion). After holding in this position for several breaths, this pose can then be performed with the opposite leg. 

Encouraging the release of tension built up in the muscles, the body is left refreshed and cleansed. However, the benefits are not just physical. Many yoga practices can help you to create mental space and clarity, ready to take on new challenges and embrace the surrounding world. Diffusing oils such as Journey On inspire confidence and courage, so that you’re prepared to embrace new opportunities when they appear.

Renew and Refresh

So, this Easter weekend, take the opportunity to unwind and take pause from your busy life. Reconnect with your body and soul by trying a new meditative practice; this can help you to re-establish your connection – not only with yourself – but with the positive energy from the natural world too. 

Finding a practice that ‘works’ for you and can be implemented into your normal schedule, can be a powerful catalyst in maximising your very experience of the journey we call life.

Remember, it’s also important to allow yourself a treat from time to time – what better excuse than this wonderful chocolately festival?!

Happy Easter!