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Boost your immune system with the Sun Vitamin 5

Boost your immune system with the Sun Vitamin

The Sun Vitamin – Vitamin D3

In the autumn and winter months during the flu season and especially this year due to the COVID-19 situation, a strengthened immune system is more important than ever. Cold, rainy and snowy weather keeps us inside, all cosy and warm within our homes. However, exercise in the open air and under the sun is very healthy and good for the immune system. That is why the strengthening of the immune system must not be neglected, especially now.


In order to suport the immune system, the human body requires sufficient Vitamin D. The “Sun Vitamin” supports a balanced calcium intake and is essential for muscle function as well as healthy bones. It also contributes to the normal function of the body’s immune system. This supports the prevention of colds, flu and Covid-19. Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin found in oily fish, red meat, liver and egg yolk. With nutrition alone however, it is almost impossible to achieve an optimal Vitamin D level.


This essential vitamin is produced by direct sunlight formed on the skin by the body itself. However this is not sufficient for an optimal Vitamin D supply – especially in the autumn and winter months when the sun is not strong enough in the northern hemisphere. (Check the UV index on any weather app for your area – in the winter months the UV index is usually zero) And the body’s own synthesis is influenced by other factors too such as skin type, clothing, sun protection and age.

By the end of October each year, your body’s Vitamin D level has naturally depleted. However, this time line is changing as studies have shown that Vitamin D levels are low in the body throughout the year. This is due to not enough exposure to actual sunshine – working inside, travelling in cars etc and wearing sunscreen. In order to produce the right levels of Vitamin D naturally, we would need to reduce our sunscreen application to an unsafe level.

Therefore it is highly recommended that additional support be provided via dietary supplements.

The health benefits of  The Sunshine Vitamin – Vitamin D3

*if the sunlight absorption is too low

*contributes to general well being

*supports the normal function of the immune system eg against cold, flu and Covid-19

*contributes to the preservation of normal bones and teeth

*is involved in healthy cell division

*regulates calcium and phosphorus in the body

*contributes to normal muscle function

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Boost your immune system with the Sun Vitamin 6